The Scott Kelby Photowalk

The Scott Kelby Photowalk was held on October 3rd 2015 in Chandigarh. This is a worldwide event where group leaders organize a photo walk in all major cities. The 2015 walk in Chandigarh was led by Sabin Prodan who belongs to Romania and was in Chandigarh for one of his professional assignments. I found the event interesting and registered for the walk. The meeting place was fixed as Sector 22 market. I had read a lot about street photography, but this would be my first hands on experience with the same.

On the day of the walk I was the first one to reach the venue. Sabin was already there and was waiting for the participants. After some waiting we were joined by some other participants. We had a small introduction and then we proceeded to the inner Sector 22 market for start of the walk. I decided to use my 50mm canon lens for the walk as it is the best lens used for Street Photography.

Sabin is a very nice person and we had some interesting conversations along the walk while clicking different subjects. We spent around two to two and a half hours in the market clicking photographs of vendors, hawkers, rickshaw pullers and other happenings in and around the market. We then proceeded to Sector 17 and spent another 2 hours clicking the photographs. We were to end the walk at Sukhna Lake but as all the participants (excluding Sabin as he is a marathon runner and never gets exhausted …..:-)) were exhausted so we decided to end the walk at Sector-17.

Sabin clicks all his photographs in black & white so inspired from him I also tried my hands on B&W photography  for the first time.

The first photograph that I am posting here is of Sabin our walk leader. This was clicked by me at Sector-17 fountain.

Sabin Prodan - Scott Kelby Photowalk
Sabin – The Walk Leader

Following are the best photos taken by me during the Scott Kelby PhotoWalk.

Bulb Holder - Scott Kelby Photowalk
The Bulb Holder
Thirst Quencher - Scott Kelby Photowalk
Thirst Quencher
Untitled - Scott Kelby Photowalk
The Shy Lady - Scott Kelby Photowalk
The Shy Lady
Balloon Seller - Scott Kelby Photowalk
Balloon Seller
Rickshaw Puller - Scott Kelby Photowalk
Rickshaw Puller #1
Autorickshaw - Scott Kelby Photowalk
The Autorickshaw
Rickshaw Puller - Scott Kelby Photowalk
Rickshaw Puller #2
Rickshaw Puller - Scott Kelby Photowalk
Rickshaw Puller #3
Rickshaw Puller - Scott Kelby Photowalk
Rickshaw Puller #4
Rickshaw Puller - Scott Kelby Photowalk
Rickshaw Puller #5
The Street - Scott Kelby Photowalk
The Street
Kids - Scott Kelby Photowalk
Kids in the Auto
Naughty Kid - Scott Kelby Photowalk
The Naughty Kid
Innocent Kid - Scott Kelby Photowalk
The Innocent Kid
The Shy Kid - Scott Kelby Photowalk
The Shy Kid

My photograph of “The Salesman” was selected as the “Best Photo of the Walk” by the walk leader and this photograph was entered into the worldwide Scott Kelby PhotoWalk Contest.

The Salesman - Scott Kelby Photowalk
The Salesman

And this photograph managed to receive a rating of 2.2/5 in the final contest.

Final Ranking - Scott Kelby Photowalk

This photo walk was a great learning experience for me. I tried Street Photography for the first time, I used my Canon 50 mm for the first time and I tried Black ‘n’ White for the first time.

In the end a very special thanks to Sabin Prodan for this walk, a good friend and a very nice person. I really enjoyed the time spent at the walk………

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