My Birding Diary – 2

Peacock Silhoutte - Birding Diary - 2

The Journey Continues

This is the second part of my Birding Blog. As part of this blog I am just trying to document all the different species of birds that I have managed to photograph in these years. The photography gear that I currently own is a Canon Digital Rebel XSI (450D) DLSR with 50mm, 18-55mm and 55-250mm lenses. Also I have a Sony DSC WX-200 digital camera.

In continuation to Part-1 of this blog I am listing some additional birds that I have managed to photograph in and around Chandigarh in the last 2-3 years. I have not visited any special places for photographing these birds. I found these birds in certain places that I visited as part of my other routines and managed to click as and when I had my camera along. Some of the photos displayed here are not up-to the mark as they were taken without proper camera equipment and were generally taken on the go.

During my stay in Chandigarh from last two years some of the birds mentioned here are seen on regular basis but some of these I have just seen once or twice.

Wire Tailed Swallow (Hirundo Smithii)

Location : Zirakpur, Punjab (India)

One morning when I woke up and went outside I saw a beautiful bird with a long tail flying near my balcony. And then it sat on the cable wire. I immediately grabbed my digicam and clicked the following photograph. I could click only 1 photograph and then it flew away. I have never seen this bird again near my house.

Swallow - Birding Diary - 2
Swallow (7th May 2015)

Black Kite (Milvus Migrans)

Location : Chatt Village, Zirakpur, Punjab (India)

The Black Kite or Cheel as it is commonly known is generally seen flying high in the sky and found sitting on electric poles, mobile towers etc. It makes a very typical whistling sound. This photograph was clicked at Chatt Village near the Chattbir Zoo.

Kite - Birding Diary - 2
Kite (23rd December 2015)

White Necked Stork (Ciconia Episcopus)

Location : Zirakpur, Punjab (India)

The place where I stay is close to the open fields where farmers sow wheat and rice every year. Last year in June when the fields were watered for sowing of rice I noticed a pair of two black ‘n’ white birds with long legs in the fields. I had only seen similar birds in the zoo earlier.

They were very far off so I could only click the following photos with my 55-250mm lens. They stayed there for around 2-3 hours and then flew away. The rice sowing season is coming again and I am expecting to see them again this year…:-)

Stork - Birding Diary - 2
Stork (1st June 2015)
Stork - Birding Diary - 2
Stork (1st June 2015)

White Breasted Kingfisher (Halcyon Smyrnensis)

Location : Patiala, Punjab (India)

The Kingfisher is often found sitting on tree branches. It is a very brightly colored bird and is easily recognizable.

Kingfisher - Birding Diary - 2
Kingfisher (18th August 2015)

Greater Coucal (Centropus Sinensis)

Location : Chatt Village, Zirakpur, Punjab (India)

A crow like bird but with brown wings and scary red eyes. It is often found in thick vegetation and makes very loud sounds.

Coucal - Birding Diary - 2
Coucal (6th June 2015)

Location : Patiala, Punjab (India)

Coucal - Birding Diary - 2
Coucal (18th August 2013)

Red Wattled Lapwing (Vanellus Indicus)

Location : Cactus Garden, Panchkula, Haryana (India)

I saw this bird for the first time on my visit to Cactus Garden Panchkula in 2012. They were huge in number and were seen sitting on one leg in between the displayed cactus.

Once I shifted to Zirakpur, now this bird has a permanent nesting in the open marshy land behind the building. This bird makes a very loud call and is generally seen scaring away dogs & other predator birds if they manage to come near there nesting area.

Lapwing - Birding Diary - 2
Lapwing (23rd December 2012)

Rose Ringed Parakeet (Psittacula Krameri)

Location : Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh, Punjab (India)

Another bird from the parrot family generally found flying in groups or sitting on tree branches.

Parakeet - Birding Diary - 2
Parakeet (13th July 2014)

Location : Jalandhar, Punjab (India)

Parakeet - Birding Diary - 2
Parakeet (9th August 2013)

Shikra (Accipiter Badius)

Location : Patiala, Punjab (India)

Shikra - Birding Diary - 2
Shikra (17th August 2013)

Spotted Munia (Lonchura Punctulata)

Location : Zirakpur, Punjab (India)

I found a group of 5-7 small rust colored birds on the railing of my neighbor’s house in mid of 2014. I had never seen this bird earlier. I took my digicam and took a few shots of this bird. They were regular visitors to this place for quite some time and were searching for a suitable nesting place.

Munia - Birding Diary - 2
Munia (24th July 2014)

After approximate two months they managed to successfully built their nest behind the AC exhaust.

Munia's Nest - Birding Diary - 2
Munia’s Nest (22nd September 2014)

Indian Treepie (Dendrocitta Vagabunda)

Location : Zirakpur, Punjab (India)

Ending this part of the blog with the Indian/Rufous Treepie. A beautiful bird with a long tail. Also known as “Tiger’s Dentist” as the bird is known to pick meat stuck in the tiger’s teeth. The following photograph is the Treepie sitting on the wall of my balcony in Zirakpur.

Treepie - Birding Diary - 2
Treepie (12th August 2014)

With this I am ending part 2 of my Birding Diary. Will be back soon with the next part.


  1. All the common names and scientific names of birds have been referenced from the book “The Book of Indian Birds” by Salim Ali, Thirteenth Edition 2012.
  2. I am not an expert in Birds, just a beginner in bird watching so the above names / description may not be accurate. These have been written as per my best understanding and have not been verified by any expert in the field.

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The 500px Global Photo Walk

500px Global Photo Walk

On 26th September 2015 the 500px Global Photo Walk was organized in Chandigarh for the first time by NOTYi Photographers. The location of the walk was Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh. The walk was to start at 5:00 AM so I readied myself and reached the venue at around 4:50 AM. There were around 20 participants who had already reached the venue by this time including the organizers.

We registered ourselves and waited for the event to start. The walk started at around 6:00 AM. By this time the number of participants had already reached 100+. The organizers had arranged for different themes for photography. As the number of participants were large so we were divided into smaller groups of 7-10 participants and sent for photographing different themes.

As part of the walk I clicked around 200 photographs. Following are some of the best photographs of the walk covering the different themes.

Sukhna Lake

Sunrise at Sukhna Lake - 500px Global Photo Walk
Sunrise @ Sukhna
Kayaking - 500px Global Photo Walk

Model Photography

Model #1 - 500px Global Photo Walk
Model #1
Model #2 - 500px Global Photo Walk
Model #2
Model #3 - 500px Global Photo Walk
Model #3
Model #4 - 500px Global Photo Walk
Model #4
Model #5 - 500px Global Photo Walk
Model #5

Kids at the Walk

Kids @ Photo Walk - 500px Global Photo Walk
Kids @ Photo Walk
Kids @ Photo Walk - 500px Global Photo Walk
Kids @ Photo Walk
Kids @ Photo Walk - 500px Global Photo Walk
Kids @ Photo Walk

General Photography

SuperBikes - 500px Global Photo Walk
VIntage Car Rally - 500px Global Photo Walk
VIntage Car Rally
Cycling - 500px Global Photo Walk

Finally the NOTYi team that made the event possible……

The NOTYi Team - 500px Global Photo Walk
The NOTYi Team

And to end it all the final “Group Selfie”

The Group Selfie - 500px Global Photo Walk
The Group Selfie

The NOTYi team was aiming for breaking the world record for most people participating in a photo walk in a single day and they did manage to break it with 448 participants, 42 more than the previous record.

Canvas with 448 Signatures - 500px Global Photo Walk
Canvas with 448 Signatures

Overall the event was a good experience as it was my first ever Photo Walk with a large group.

The 500px Global Photo Walk in Chandigarh was covered by all the major newspapers in town.

Newspaper Coverage - 500px Global Photo Walk
Newspaper Coverage